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Why Choose us?

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We are the skydiving school located at Arizona's Only Skydiving Complex, SKYDIVE ARIZONA! The largest skydiving center in the world. If you have never done a skydive before, read more to learn WHY you should choose US for your once in a lifetime experience! 



All of our skydiving instructors have a minimum of 1,000 skydives.


The industry standard is 500 but the majority of our instructors have several thousands of skydives!


Skydive Arizona has a full-time staff of pilots and aircraft mechanics.

There is also a crew of safety officers that are constantly monitoring the weather conditions and communicating with the pilots.




Skydive Arizona has the largest fleet of jumpable aircraft in the WORLD.

This includes 5 Twin Otters and 7 Skyvans, all of which are large twin engine turbine aircraft that hold 23 passengers each.

We are the only skydiving facility in Arizona that does tandem skydives out of Skyvan airplanes.

Skydive Arizona's planes are able to ascend to 13,500ft in less than fifteen minutes unlike other smaller skydiving airplanes that can take up to 30 minutes. 

Indoor Skydiving


We are located adjacent to SkyVenture Arizona. This indoor skydiving center is perfect for:

  •  Those who are too young to skydive but want to experience the thrill of body flight ( ages 3+ welcome )!

  • Anyone who is a little too nervous to skydive but want to do something exciting.

  • Those who want to become licensed skydivers and want to do some training.

No other skydiving center in Arizona has an onsite wind tunnel! 

Landing areas

It sounds funny but grass is hard to come by in Arizona. There aren't many skydiving centers with grass areas for parachute landings. 

Skydive Arizona has three grass areas for landings which make for softer slide-ins and fewer dusty bottoms! 

Keeping the dirt off of our parachute equipment is also a high priority and the grass landings help keep our gear well maintained. 

tandem-landing-high five-skydive



The Bent Prop Saloon is located on site and is open to the public. After your skydive you can celebrate with a cold beverage or a yummy meal. 


Just a few steps from our building is a small pool for customer use. You are welcome to bring a towel and take a dip after your dive! 


If you want to arrive early and beat the traffic, there is no better way than to stay onsite! Skydive Arizona has a community bunkhouse and there is also a small Inn just around the corner. We are also a block away from several AirBnB's. 

swimming pool-skydive-arizona

Ready to take the leap?

We are the best in the business of skydiving but you don't have to take our word for it. Read some of our customer reviews and hear about their experiences with us.



We are ready to take you on a skydive, what are you waiting for? 

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