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How do I learn how to wing-suit?

by Skydive Arizona | Jan 27, 2019
How do I learn how to wing-suit? This is a question many of us asked when we began the sport of skydiving. After all, who hasn't dreamed of flying like a bird? Wing-suit flying is a form of skydiving in which the skydiver wears a suit specifically designed to have a high glide ratio. Much like a plane, the suits can travel horizontally through the sky over a range of several miles and as fast a 200 mph! Wing-suiting requires special skills in altitude awareness, body positioning, and ability to deploy a parachute quickly. For this reason, the United States Parachute Association recommends that a skydiver have a minimum of 200 skydives before learning how to fly a wing-suit. So if you are interested in wing-suiting, first you must sign up for a First Jump Course to acquire your skydiving license. Then, jump like crazy to build your skills and experience until you reach the minimum jump number of 200 skydives. (This number of jumps accumulates faster than you might think). Then, take a First Flight Course with an experienced Wing-Suit coach such as Next Level. Then, voila! You are officially part of the bird-crew!

wingsuit skydiversPhoto Cred: Bruce Griffith @ Skydive Arizona.


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