Skydiving School FAQ

  • What is the process to become a licensed skydiver?

    After you have made a tandem skydive and want to continue to get a license, you must complete a 25 jump program for your USPA A-License.
  • What does it mean to have a license in skydiving?

    Once you have a license, you can jump with other licensed skydivers and jump your own equipment!
  • What is USPA?

    USPA is the United States Parachute Association and the governing body over skydiving for the United States. Skydive Arizona is a USPA drop zone and adheres to all USPA and FAA regulations.
  • Why do I have to have 25 jumps to become a licensed skydiver?

    USPA has set the guidelines in order to obtain an A-License, which requires you to fulfill 25 jumps and meet all proficiency's for a license.
  • Why should I choose Adventures in Skydiving at Skydive Arizona?

    There are many reasons to choose us, but the number one reason is we adhere to the highest standards of training available. All of our equipment and aircraft are well maintained and regulated to FAA and USPA specifications. All instructors are USPA rated.
  • At what altitude will I jump from?

    You will jump from 13,000 ft.
  • Does weather affect jumping?

    The weather does affect if you can jump or not. For our area this includes clouds, rain, and wind. If weather is in question, please give us a call (520) 466-3753.
  • Is there a weight restriction?

    Yes. 220 lbs. is the weight restriction for the student program.
  • How many tandems count towards my license?

    You only need to do one tandem skydive as an introduction to skydiving. We do not offer tandem progression.
  • How do I schedule a course?

    You will need to contact the School in advance to schedule since space in the ground school is limited. To find our schedule you can click HERE.  Once you start, you need to plan to check-in each training day by 7:30 AM.
  • What is the purpose of doing tunnel time?

    The vertical wind tunnel is wonderful training tool for students wanting to learn to skydive. The tunnel offers students to practice maneuvers and gain the correct body form before actually making their first jump on their own.
  • Can I do more tunnel time than the required 10 minutes?

    Of course! You can never have too much tunnel time. Please call our office for student pricing.
  • Will I need my own equipment?

    You will use our student equipment until you are licensed. Once licensed, you can rent or purchase your own equipment at Square 2, the gear store located at Skydive Arizona.
  • How long does it take to get my license?

    You can get your license in as little as 7-10 business days. Please keep in mind we are closed every Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Once I've started the program, is there a certain time frame in which I need to finish?

    Currency requirements are that you do not go over 30 days in between jumps.
  • What happens if I don't jump and go over 30 days?

    If you are in Phase I of our program and become un-current, you will need to do a refresher course and repeat the previous level. Otherwise, you will do a refresher course and check dive before you can continue. Remember, staying current is key!
  • What is the difference between Phase I and Phase II of your program?

    Phase I of our student program consist of the first 11 jumps towards your license, getting you to solo status.  Phase II of our program is the last 13  jumps of the program to finish up your USPA A-License.  
  • If I start a program at another location, will my jumps transfer?

    Most training jumps will transfer. Please contact our School for further information.
  • What are the options for payment?

    You have the option of paying each day or purchasing one of our packages for a 5-10% savings. Package plans are paid in advance, before starting the program.
  • Are there any additional types of discounts?

    You can get a discount for bringing new tandem customers. Please call the school for details!
  • Do you offer lodging?

    Lodging is available onsite with Skydive Arizona.  If you purchase our Economy Package, the bunkhouse is included!

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