Currency Requirements for Licensed and Non-Licensed Skydivers

For Licensed skydivers, the requirements for currency are to have jumped within:


60 days


90 days

C and D

6 months

All licensed skydivers should provide a logbook. If a logbook is not provided but a license can be verified by USPA, accommodations can be made based on varying factors which may need approval.

On average the Refresher Course will take 45 minutes, but time can vary +/-. The Instructor for Adventures in Skydiving will determine if the skydiver’s personal equipment will be allowed to be used on the check dive or if the skydiver must use equipment provided by Adventures in Skydiving. Determining factors include, but are not limited to, wing loading, license held, and date of last jump.

For all Non-Licensed Skydivers, the requirements for currency is to have jumped within 30 days.

Class time can vary depending on number of jumps completed and date of last jump.

All non-licensed skydivers must provide a log book with Instructor signatures verifying previous jumps completed and a USPA Proficiency or Progression card. Must be under 220 lbs.

Pricing for Refresher Course and Check Dive for Licensed Skydivers-

  • With Adventures in Skydiving equipment rental-$179 (Must be under 220 lbs.)
  • If personal equipment or rental equipment from Square 2 is approved for use from the Instructor-$145

Please call (520) 466-0491 or email: for further information and to schedule .