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Prices & Packages
Our packages do not include tunnel time, booking fee or USPA Membership. 

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Economy Package

SAVE 10% OFF the regular price!

Includes 24 jumps (20 jumps with instructors and 4 solo jumps), packing class, A License Exam, USPA A License fee and FREE accommodation at Skydive Arizona's bunkhouse. 


Phase 1 Package
SAVE 5 %

Ground School
Category A Jump (2 instructors)
Category B through E  (6 Jumps w/ instructor)
Packing Class
3 Solo Jumps
1 HOP & POP with Coach


Phase 2 Package

Category G Jumps (6 Coached Jumps)
1 Solo Jump
Category H Jumps (6 Coached Jumps)
A License Exam
USPA A License Fee



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A-License Express

Get your license finished in 1 week. Express students get to come in to have 1:1 experience with instructors on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Available only from October - May.

Must be pre-scheduled. Includes everything from the Economy Package!


Regular Program cost

Non-Refundable Ground School Booking Fee: $60

Initial 10 minutes Tunnel Time: $190

USPA Membership: $78

Ground School: $100


Category A jump (2-instructor Jump, includes goggles and logbook): $290

Any additional 2-Instructor Jumps: $290 each


Single Instructor Jumps (minimum is 6): $165 each

Solo Jumps (minimum of 4): $70 each

Coach Jumps (minimum of 11): $165 each

Hop & Pop with Coach (minimum of 2): $165 each


Packing Class: $65

Re-currency  or A License Check Dive: $165

USPA A-License Application Fee: $36

Refresh Class - $50 to $65

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