Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Jumps

Experience the thrill of freefall skydiving and canopy flight with an experienced instructor! Click this link if you’re a first time jumper!

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Learn To Skydive

Learn to Skydive

If you want more than just the first jump and want to find out more information on how to become a skydiver, click this link!

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Experienced Skydivers and Events

Experienced Skydivers

Find out why World Champions make Skydive Arizona home! Check out Events, Amenities, Services, FAQ, Rates, Lodging & More!

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Indoor Skydiving - Wind Tunnel

Wind Tunnel

Indoor skydiving is the newest, modern way to experience skydiving! Great for kids, parties or to excel your skills!

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Welcome to Adventures in Skydiving


Tandem Training Jumps

Thank you for your interest in jumping at Adventures In Skydiving school at Skydive Arizona. Our skydiving center is the largest in the world, combining an excellent staff, state of the art equipment, great facilities, fine weather, and the best skydiving aircraft anywhere. At Skydive Arizona, we believe that the future of skydiving is in you: the future skydiver. Come and be a part of our great sport!

Tandem Skydive from 13,000 feet. After only a short briefing you and your Instructor will take to the skies. You will climb in the aircraft to 13,000 feet and freefall for almost 1 minute. You will have the sensation of being on your own. After you open the parachute, the instructor offers guidance as you fly the parachute together. A tandem jump is a great way to experience the thrill of skydiving while under close supervision of an experienced Instructor.


A great way to remember your first jump experience is to purchase our Combo Package that will include a live freefall video of your skydive and digital still photos. Each video is approximately 3-5 minutes long highlighting your own unique experience! Expertly edited and accompanied by music. Not only is video fun to watch, it's also a great training tool for students who are learning the fine art of skydiving. The video  and pictures will come to you on a USB flash drive, ready for you to share with all your friends and family!

We are also going to post your Video Online for FREE!

Online Skydive Videos


**Reservations are highly recommended**
If you do not have a reservation, please give us a call to check availability and weather conditions.


Note: While making a tandem reservation jumping conditions are more conducive during the morning hours in general. If you have a question while considering a reservation time, please email (school@skydiveaz.com) or call 520.466.3753.


United States Parachute Association Logo

Adventures in Skydiving is a group member of the United States Parachute Association (USPA), which means that we agree, in the interests of safety and good communications, to abide by the safety standards they set. This also means that all of our instructional staff is certified by the USPA.

Adventures in Skydiving is its own entity from Skydive Arizona.

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