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Adventures in Skydiving™ students tend to do well on their student jumps for several reasons. One is due to the fact that our aircraft allow us to exit at higher altitudes than most skydiving centers, giving you more time in freefall. You can expect your freefall to be a minute or more. This combined with our highly experienced staff will help you make the most or your skydives.

To obtain a USPA A License, you must complete the  Accelerated Skydiving Program which you can start after your first Tandem Skydive!

This program consists of two parts, Phase I and Phase II

The weight restriction for the program is 220 lbs.

Phase I

The Accelerated Skydiving Program (ASP) is a hybrid program you can start within 1 year of completing one tandem skydive. Your next step will be to schedule the 4-6 hour Ground School (also known as FJC) and 10 minutes of tunnel time.

The Ground School must be scheduled in advance. It will start on your scheduled day at 8:00 AM and will be 4-6 hours long. We do ask you arrive at 7:30 to start with paperwork. Please call to find out course dates or click here.

You will jump from 13,000 feet wearing your own parachute system. This program involves different categories of instruction.   On the first category (CAT A), the student is accompanied by two Instructors. Categories B-E (6 jumps) will have one Instructor.  Once CAT E is complete, they are followed by a comprehensive training class where you learn to pack a parachute and 3 solo jumps and a coached hop & pop to finish Phase I. We allow you up to 3 jumps per day and besides thorough ground instruction at every level, you will be carefully debriefed after each jump to ensure you get the most out of the experience.

Note: Our School is closed every Tuesday and Wednesday. Please book in advance by directly contacting the School via email school@skydiveaz.com or by calling +1.520.466.0491.

Phase II (Continuing Education)

After completing Phase I Training you will move into Phase II Training. This phase of your training will consist of 11 skydives (CAT G & H) made with our world class skydiving coaches, 1 hop & pop (lower altitude than previous), and 1 last solo. It is possible to make up to 5 jumps a day, so you can progress as fast as you want to. When you complete all objectives in Phase II you will have a minimum of 25 skydives and be able to obtain an A-license, the first of four proficiency ratings administered by the United States Parachute Association (USPA).

This program is the quickest way to become a licensed skydiver! 

By obtaining a USPA A-license and having your own equipment, you can skydive almost anywhere. For any additional information please call.

Adventures in Skydiving at Skydive Arizona supports a drug free workplace.

Skydiving Equipment

Adventures in Skydiving™ uses the world's top of the line manufactures for our skydiving equipment.

Rigging Innovations

Performace Designs

Alti-2 Altimeters